January 10, 2009

New year New Blog

Hey all

Hope you all can find me ok ~ I decided to start a fresh this new year with a new blog. This one won't be just about me though. I am hoping to be able to bring you lots of new fabulous artisans to drool over or just to inspire you.

Life this past year has been pretty tough but as my favourite motto says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and yes there have been times I have to keep reminding myself of this I am also sure we will get through these hard times ~ its not as if its just us in this terrible predicament. I also have taken a new part-time job ~ jewellery design will always be my passion and my first job but with the latest events I also have to have guarenteed income ~ but fear not, as I said its only part~time and I have plenty of time to create :)

I have been busy, commissions are always fun and not only over Christmas but I had quite a list built up for my customers in the new year. A couple have already gone to new homes so as soon as I have had confimation of delivery I will be able to show you.


  1. Hi Jo

    I've just found you via Kianda's blogspot. I love your jewellery and am pleased to find another UK jewellery maker (on Etsy it's mainly folks from USA).

    I'm quite new to jewellery making and have decided 2009 is the year I really try and get myself out there and selling. How long have you been making jewellery? Are you successfully selling it? Any tips?

    Best wishes, Kristin :)

  2. Happy New Year...I followed you here from twitter (unheard of for me!!)

    I blogged today too, most unusual...anyone would think I had a vested interest LOL

  3. Firstly thanks Kirstin

    I've been making and creating for over 3yrs now. Basic tips is to get yourself seen ~ which is not easy in a saturated market :)

    Good luck and stay in touch ♥

    Lol I love finding new blogs so count yourself with a new follower Nifty ;)

  4. And hopefully this new year will bring good things!

  5. Good to see you back Jo. Hope the part-time job goes well. All the best for 2009 Vx

  6. Congratulations with this new blog. :)
    I like your creations.

    My jewelry blog here -

    Any comments are welcome.:)

  7. Congrats on the new blog and so happy to see you back!

    I know the past few months have been so difficult but your motto says it best and I have no doubt you'll be back to the full time home life soon.

    All the best to you in 2009!♥


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