February 09, 2009

Cupids Arrow

Yes its that time of year again ~ Valentines Day is about to be upon us. This year I have been bombarded with ideas of heart shaped pieces (although anyone not wanting anything like that I have plenty of other ways of showing the love ♥). Maybe with the amount of silver I am pounding it became more fun but I do love all my newest pieces ~ of course giving a heart to your loved ones isn't just for Valentines Day!

Of course you all can see most of my pieces, as usual, are quite organic looking and available from Etsy, Folksy or my own website ~ if you prefer buying in GBP jst send me a message.
1. Natural 2. Can you Could you? 3. Love you to the Moon and Back


  1. I love hearts, I love valentine's day, and I love silver jewelry! You've got it all going on here!

  2. Lovely Jo! All your latest creations I've seen on Flickr have been fabulous!


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