April 28, 2009

From the sea

I have always loved sea glass ~ the people who have followed my jewellery from the beginning will remember how I used to spend hours drilling pieces for bracelets and necklaces ~ which took so much time (lovely when my E could be bribed to do it!). I always vowed one day I would learn to bezel set sea glass ~ sea glass to me is a little piece of someones life ~ albeit for 5 mins but once the glass gets into the ocean it gets taken and thrown about in the waves moving from place to place until finally its washed up onto a beach in Cornwall and found by me or one of my lovely friends! If only they could tell a story!

I seemed to have picked a really organic piece for this one ~ why when I can't say I am a professional at this but I suppose thats just me ~ I love organic ~ full stop!! I hand stamped the bezel strip with little hearts so over time they will oxidise and stand out ~ just like the glass being tumbled over time and changing as it went on its journey. That why I left this one shiny ~ although who ever becomes the lucky owner of this one will be able to decided if they want it oxidised before it begins its journey with you ♥


  1. I love seaglass and this is a beautiful piece...it speaks volumes and the style of the silverwork compliments it so well. Allowing it to oxidise naturally is a wonderful idea!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Jo. You must be really pleasedw with the end result, I would be. Fantastic piece Vx

  3. I love seaglass too!
    Especially this restful green colour, great setting (not easy when it's an irregular edge) :)
    Nic x

  4. Breathtakingly beautiful! I love sea glass too and am starting to amass quite a collection but I'm not a silversmith so if I ever get around to doing anything with my pieces it will just be wire-wrapping.

    And I know I've probably said this before but your photography is stunning!

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely comments everyone ♥

    Lindon thank you ~ Wire wrapped sea glass is stunning will look out for those ;0)

  6. Great use of sea glass! I am looking forward to making my first piece in the near future!


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