May 11, 2009

The choices ?

To show you jewellery or pics from my week away ~ jewellery won because I haven't shown you any in a little while and I have tons of new pieces I want to show off! I don't make many rings to sell on the internet but yet I do make quite a few to sell locally. I suppose sizing is the great difficulty here so I have ordered some ring sizers ~ these will make it so much easier for anyone thinking of buying a ring and not sure on size or that wants one made especially for them. Oxidised or shiny, beaded ring or plain ~ the choice is all yours!

Of course the little stacked rings I am wearing in this picture (all but one which is my gorgeous ring from Diane Porter) were also made by me so if you fancied a collection ~ or even just a different stamp on the silver ~ feel free to send me a request :)


  1. I love the stacked rings!!! beautiful! It was nice to be able to leave a comment - I just got DSL (we live in the boonies) so now I'm finally capable! LOL


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