July 26, 2009

Curly tails and short snouts!

Can you believe it I think I have grown a curly tail!! I have been off work since Wednesday when I got sent home with a high temperature and aching limbs ~ this increased to painful joints, headache, and extreme tiredness with the added yuk factor of stomach cramps! When a cough started my husband demanded ( he has to I do NOT like taking medication at all) I got myself to the drs.

I rang but was told to go straight to the nhs website and get myself a number to collect the Tamiflu ~ do I have swine flu ~ who knows?? I do know this is a horrible virus, I also know no one person has it exactly the same if it is! There seems to be three types going round ~ if all these types are swine flu then so be it ~ but I can't help feeling that without the swabbing and the testing who really knows?? I can say though the tami flu does seem to take the edge off the symptoms ~ I finish the course (of meds) on Tuesday and I am hoping by then my energy will be back ~ so instead of being this person who wants to create but physically can't ~I actually will be able to! Now back to the sofa to recuperate from this what feels like a marathon!!


  1. Yeah...Flu is bloody horrible no matter what kind it is. And dont you find that every year there seems to be warnings of "oh watch out..the chinese flu is going around & its a bad one..." Well, chinese, russian, asian....swine, whatever! I dont want any of em thank you!

    Glad the Tamiflu is helping though. I was trying to work out if there was some specific symptom that made it definately swine flu...but perhaps they are just giving it to anyone who takes that questionaire!!!

    Anyway mate, I really hope you are feeling back to normal soon! It sucks to be ill

  2. Thanks hun !! And yes i do think its a case of ok just have the tamiflu and get on with it.

    Although apparently the temperature is the main thing to look for but what virus doesn't come with a temperature *weakly rolling eyes*

  3. I am glad you are on the up now xxxx I've also been sofa-bound and on Tamiflu, though sounds like you were worse than me, I only had the high fever for 2 days, but the symptoms for 7.

    Apparently the thing that defines it as Swine Flu is the cough - apparently it seems not everyone gets the fever now, and it can be really mild in some cases. Which means that lost of people think they are okay and spread it. :-(

  4. I really sympathise Jo, it sounds very similar to my bout of it almost two weeks ago, and mild it certainly wasn't. The cough still hasn't gone, and I still feel a bit wiped out, so I hope yours doesn't last as long. I wasn't given Tamiflu though, so maybe that's why it's lingered. Get plenty of rest.

  5. Blimey - poor you and you too Claire. I'm so pleased you are feeling better. My son came down with something similar last Thursday and I immediately thought OMG he's got it, he spent all day in bed then got up early next morning bright as a button. So obviously not. At our health centre two weeks ago was a huge yellow sign which just said Swine Flu patients - GO HOME. How rude.

  6. Sorry to hear you still aren't well Nia! That sucks, I think Tamiflu has helped with me. I'm also lucky in a weird way that I constantly have fatigue and joint pain - so having it wasnt such a shock to the system!
    There was me thinking for half the time I didnt have a fever, I just found out that my ear thermometer is totally wrong and gives a false low reading. DOH!
    How are you feeling today Jo?

  7. better but just worn myself out ironing ~ need a sit down again :(

  8. OMG i seems loads of you have had this swine flu, hope you all feel better soon, and jo just leave the ironing next time to the men

  9. I have had what possibly could have been Swine flu!

    If you are fealing anything like i felt then i hope you recover soon as it was not nice at all!


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