July 08, 2009


Fairy Floss ~ SOLD
I'm really struggling at the moment with lethargy ~ its is with me all day but peaks around 4pm ~ I was really hoping this morning it would be gone but its not ~ if anything I feel worse today then yesterday ~ and today I must go out to work ! Maybe its just everything caught up on me ~ I am sleeping but I just don't feel refreshed and I want to feel that! So please bare with me as I struggle to get through the day! My creative edge doesn't seem to have left me though ~ I still am constantly thinking up designs ~ so keep checking out the website and etsy ~and of course my gallery :D


  1. Jo it's not just you! I've been feeling run down for weeks now and I keep falling asleep on the sofa.

    Today I fell asleep in the afternoon during the Ashes and I've been waiting for 2 years for the series to start!

    On top of that I'm feeling very anxious and sad and no amount of bead buying is making it better. Still reading your blog and plurk helps a bit!

    Tell that family of yours to spoil you a bit and go for a walk on the beach. At least you're never too far from it!

  2. I was feeling so run down and tired all the time, and I finally figured out that for me, if I eat a healthy diet full of fiber and fruit and veggies - I have a lot less ups and downs during the day. If I eat high fat and high sugar foods which I LOVE - I am tired and reach a point during the day when I just can't keep my eyes open. I know nothing about your diet but it might be something to think about.
    That Fairy Floss is gorgeous, by the way. :)


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