October 21, 2009

My display

As you all know I had a craft show on Saturday ~ this was my table ~ which I was really pleased with ~ I used to have a black cloth but I think it was too dark and really didn't fit in with my company colours!!

Did I do well? I hear you ask~ no not at all ~ sadly craft shows in the UK are mainly people expecting a bargain ~ there was some wonderful sellers there but I can't compete next to tables selling beautiful scarves for £4.50 or even earrings for £3.50 ~ and I refuse to make things especially to sell cheap ~ to me I personally think is a real shame that artists undersell themselves. It then makes people expect these bargains and so undermines other artists.

There was some wonderful stalls there ~ Debbie from Awen Essenses, Jo from Baydesign and Pete and Sue from Brodrigy Wood who I actually chatted to for quite some time. All very talented and Jo, Pete and Sue are also on Etsy which was really nice to see!


  1. Sorry to hear the craft show didn't work out as planned but your table looks spectacular. Very clean and tidy.

  2. Thanks Leslie ~ I like to network so in that way it was fabulous ~ I just struggle to sell at craft shows :(

  3. I know what you mean with people wanting a bargain, some people don't understand the amount of money and time that is put into making these pieces of jewellery and especialy your work. I did really well at my last fair but you just never know from one fair to the other.

  4. I completley agree that underpricing is a big issue, i see it all the time. It's such a shame and I wish they didn't do it. I think alot of the trouble is that many crafters are hobbyists and therefore seem to only worry about covering their material costs (if that!). Anyway, that's just one point of view........ great display by the way!!

  5. I love the look for your show table. Jo! I like how you have different heights on it to make your items stand out. :)

    I am glad you had a great time despite the low sales. Just know that it is not 'cos your items are not fabulous. A lot of people don't understand what beautiful things are. ;P

  6. Sorry to hear sales weren't fab. Table looks great though, really nicely laid out.
    Lets hope sales before Christmas are better for us all.


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