November 05, 2009

Electron blue

My latest ring which i wish i could keep sadly this baby is too big for my finger or else you wouldn't have seen her for love or money!! This was my Saturdays creation ~ gorgeous vivid blues of Chrysocolla mixed with organic looking sterling silver and she does look fantastic o!!!

Now I am wondering what to do with this lovely piece of Kunzite ~ another ring I think ;0)



  1. Gorgeous ring! The colors of that stone makes me think of the ocean...

  2. Wow! It's breath taking! Such beautiful color and I feel like I get lost just looking at it. It's like a dream!

  3. WOAH Mama!!! That is gorgeous Jo...:)

    How have ya been honey, not spoken in a while...things have been a bit busy even for blogging! (with the shop mind you, not my art biz! ho


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