December 15, 2009

MY New Workshop Part1

MY garage is being converted ~ not a good time for it to happen with commissions and orders but hey it was the only time my husband could attack it fully! I can't wait to have space thats all mine ~ I'm going to have a sink and extractor fan and bench for sawing and a computor station and my light tent and and and ........ can you tell I'm sooooo excited!! The above pic shows the insulated walls ~ already it feels soooo much warmer in there. There has been times in the winter I have blue fingers but not anymore wooohoo!!

This next picture is with the plaster board ~ at the moment E is finsihing off the back wall ready for the plaster ~ I can't get into my workshop ~~~ eeeek!! I have a couple of commissions left to finish which is stressing me out but I suppose there is always presents to wrap ;)



  1. I'm so happy for you, Jo! I hope it will be all you dream of and more :)

  2. Oh, this is going to be fabulous, Jo!!! So happy for you. Can't wait to see more pics of the progress and the final results! Woot!


  3. Having a warm and comfortable workspace is wonderful, enjoy!

  4. OOoooo..... I'm so jealous!! Lucky lucky girl. But ... you do deserve it. :D

  5. Oooo... you lucky lucky girl! I'm so envious. But - you do deserve a warm place to be. :D

  6. Agree with all above. I´m happy for you and I look forward to see what all your space and comfort will do for your already lovely designs!

    Lots of hugs


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