March 30, 2010

Jumping with Joy

Literally ~ thank you so much for all the support!!

I've reached 300+ fans on facebook, I'm as close as I can be to 200 sales on Etsy (although these last four will probably drag out lol) so I wanted to give something back to you all. I also want to tie up all my supporters (including my newsletter ones and Deviant Art) soo I think the best way is to get everyone to post on my blog (I mean not everyone has Facebook do they???)

Soooo drum roll please ......

* Have a look in my little boutiques either on Etsy or my own website and let me know whats on your wishlist??

Comment below or on facebook ~ the choice is yours.

And the prize ~~ ~ ~~ is a $30 or £20 gift voucher (you choose which currency you would prefer)

You have until Saturday 3rd April

♥♥ PS I would appreciate it if you could pass this one on either via Twitter or facebook :)



  1. My ALL TIME favorite, aside from what I already own from you, are ANY of your vine twine series!!!! I love the organic feel of them!!!!


  2. I absolutely love your jewelry! And you're a nice person too, which just makes me want to buy it even more! I'm so glad that my friend Kit 'introduced' us :)
    I'd have to say that the pieces I love most are the Dark Simplicity pieces and the ones using labradorite. You always manage to capture the magic of that stone :)

  3. I love all your pieces and it is just unfair to pick up some of them and tell that I love them more than others. Having said that, and accepting the rules, I absolutely love all your bellflowers and would like to own a bunch of them. Plus all pieces with boro beads. Your taste in matching colors is truly outstanding.

  4. I absolutely love North Star! It has such a mysterious elegance to it. Although... Evergreen is bright and beautiful and Nature's Bounty reminds me of my favorite time of the year- fall. :)

  5. I love ALL your labradorite pendants! :P

    Okay fine, I love the roses series too. *happy sigh* And that vines series..AND...girly Clematis on your website too!

    So do I get everything on my wishlist now that I stated 'em all? :D

    Teehee...*cross fingers now*

  6. Love the Northstar. It's just so dreamy. But then I like your vine series too. Heck, I love all your jewelry! Always excellent and your workmanship is beautiful!

  7. I'll take them all please?.....oh your not giving us everything on our wishlists? pooh!
    I yearn for your Northstar pendant Jo. Love the little gem and the flashy labradorite......or maybe one of your ever popular bracelets..........hmm....dilema.

  8. The "Bewitched" pendant is gorgeous, all the Bellflowers, and I love the look of your bangles, especially those with vines.

  9. Picking a favorite among all your creations is sort of like looking for the needle in the haystack. How can one narrow it down? That said, there is one stand-alone piece of late that absolutely speaks to my heart and my soul: Magdeleine. It is organic, it is unique, it is simply divine.

  10. It's haaaard to pick, but my top 2 faves are the Bellflower with Rubies Necklace and the Rosemerta Bracelet.

    Congrats to you my friend!

  11. ALL??Can I pick them all???no huh??ok...then, I would adore the Treasure pendant..and the Twig earrings and the Roses pendant!!!

  12. Such a generous person you are Jo. Congratulations on the etsy and facebook followers and may your success continue. So, arrrghhhh....such a tough choice...practically EVERYTHING you make is on my wish list! BUT have to say I'm constantly drawn back to the 'treasure' sets....beautifully simple, elegant and organic feeling.

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  14. I'm having a hard time choosing between 'north star' and 'treasure pendant' and..... oh well I can't really choose anyway your work is wonderful!

  15. I do own a piece of Jo's work and I know that each piece reflects her superb craftsmanship so I'd be hard put to just decide on one favourite piece.....All things being equal, I really love GLACIER BLUES and the stacking rings and the bracelet SPIRIT WALKER and TREASURE....I'm covering my bases...pendant, rings, bracelet and earrings ;p

    You're a great craftsperson, very charitable to be offering us a piece of your treasured work and it would be a pleasure to be able to own something you've crafted.


  16. Heather's wishlist
    Daisy Earrings
    Bellflower necklaces
    North Star necklace
    Arethusa necklace
    Tamesis ring
    Stacker rings

    I am greedy...and I'm loving my Electron Blue ring :D

  17. Ooh, me too! I love my Gemheaven pendants but NEED some earrings now, such gorgeous and original designs, I love the Leafprint, or Eye of the storm, or Catkins or Treasure..or..or.. yummy!

  18. Congrats on reaching that fan milestone! Ah... stores like yours (oh, i rhymed) make me want to pierce my ears... but I shant ;_;

    In any case, I still like the North Star best! The color is just mesmerizing.

  19. There are so many gorgeous things to choose from .... but one of my faves is North Star.

    Although... I've always been partial to the Bellflowers....

  20. I'm with all of the above, i just love all your pieces, but i do love your vine collection,x

  21. All beautiful, but if I had to make a wish list it would read as follows (in no particular order...)
    Button ring
    Glacier Blue pendant
    big round Labradorite ring
    Pure Morning bracelet
    Caboodles bracelets (several!)
    i could add more, but will stop there for now...

  22. Oh well that's easy-it's the For the love of Birds necklace. That birdy is so darn cute. But I do so like all your jewellery and wave the website in front of hubby near birthdays and Christmas!!!

  23. i love the bellflower with rubies hand forged sterling/silver flower .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com


  24. wow I have just spent a fab 30 mins looking at your wonderful bits, I love your Underwater Love bracelet


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