March 15, 2010

More Studio pics

Yes my workshop has now been named the Studio ~ why I hear you ask ~ well I can *almost* do everything that is connected with my business out there ~ thats why!!! Of course I have yet to move the computor and the printer there but apart from that ~ and of course tidying everything up I'm just about there!! This is a picture of my sawing station ~ E is going to add an apron underneath to catch the little bits that drop off as you are piercing. The table next to it is where I hammer and stamp ~ basically form the shapes. I love my studio ;)



  1. looking good Jo....Smashing work bench! Is that alcohol there to provide inspiration? LOL

  2. Maybe thats why its there (Its from our honeymoon 11 yrs ago !!)

  3. Wow... it looks so professional. My "studio" is just an old dinner table. And I solder on the kitchen stove. *sobs* I WANT ONE TOO......


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