May 17, 2010


I can hear you thinking already whats the catch or maybe even first what is free?? I have decided after much contemplation to have little experiment.  Free Shipping has been bought up time and time again when I get together with my online friends for a chat.  Is it worth it?? Do people care?? I have no idea on any of these questions ~ although before ordering online I do always check the postage ~ and yes I would leave it if the postage was higher than I believed correct. SO my month long experiment (which will determine whether I keep these listings as is or no) begins today on Etsy  ~ if it works I will then change my website to FREE SHIPPING to.

Sea Finds II

The reason I started with Etsy was  because i needed to check some of the prices ~ the currency has fluctuated recently and some have come down :) Mostly they have stayed the same so no increase has been passed onto you!!

And so the expeiment begins....


Ps I'm still wading through listings so anything you want not changed either convo me or I can refund the shipping.


  1. I am not sure about the free shipping (been there, done that, and as Aussie post is so expensive have come back to charging small amount for it) BUT - my main reason to comment is that I *love* those earrings - they are FABULOUS! :)

  2. I am still debating wether to do etsy , my problem is some of my friends don't like the prices are in $ and they get charged commission when they buy :(
    I so need to pull my finger out and sort something out to sell from lol
    you have many lovely bits for sale

  3. Thanks Natalia :D I don't think it will make much difference but its worth the experiment *I think* she says still looking at the page of listings to amend!!!

  4. Thanks Karen I love etsy and your customers don't get charged commission only you :D

  5. really? hmmm I need to see their card bills lol I'm sure they whined a while back , as I have never sold from there I wouldn't know lol, thanks for your reply

  6. I have always offered free shipping in novadesigns and I do think that it increases sales. Good luck keep us posted on your experiment!


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