June 15, 2010

Whats in a name.....

Whats in a name I hear you ask ~ in my opinion lots ~ way back when (2005) I was choosing a name for my business I wanted something that wasn't my name ~ I envy people who have chic and sassy names ~ mine isn't quite that ~ don't get me wrong I adore my husband and I chose to take his name but its not something I would choose as a business name.  So after endless searching I chose gemheaven ~ I was thorough when choosing my name ~ I checked the internet and domains ~ at the time gemheaven.com although not available was not being used and I kinda hoped one day I could get it.

So gemheaven was born and I have loved the fact over the last five years people have come to know and recognise my branding.  Looking around my studio I have boxes, labels, business cards etc etc all with my logo and name.  So I hear you all ask what is my point ....??
Well a little like a cat marking his territory I am letting you know there is only one gemheaven jewellery ~ whatever the person I found yesterday with the same name website (apart from a little hyphen) who lives in the next county to me ~ I would like you to change your name to something else ~ your business is new  and unknown on the internet!

I really can't understand how someone thinks they can set up a business in the same name selling jewellery without really the ethics of it being called into question but I would like to think its just something that happened without any thought.

To my wonderful friends from all over the world I thank you for all your continued support of my little piece of the internet.



  1. And we're right here supporting you darling. :) No-one can match your amazing creativity and talent.

  2. I'm not even going to look at the other website to see what they're up to.

    There's only one Gemheaven Jo! It's not just the jewellery, it's the photos, the style, the whole experience! xxx

  3. It's possible I suppose that they haven't bothered to look if there's someone else with that name already... I did the same as you Jo and checked thoroughly! They are either incredibly cheeky, or will be mightily embarrassed when they realise their mistake... :D

    Maz xx

  4. Boy that would suck! I spent forever and a day trying to think of a name I could use for my work. It's so hard to come up with something easy and original. I hope they change their name asap!

  5. I'm sure people will know it is not your wonderful creations jo if they stumble across the other site, hopefully they will change it soon.x


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