July 20, 2010

Summer Holidays

and Studio time ??

It doesn't work very well ~ not only do I work every other day in my *other job but on my days off I have to catch up on housework, washing, ironing and more importantly Elli time!!

So this weekend with a free day (Elli at Brownies fun day ~ E at work) what did I do???



*the job involving movies and tickets and people ~ this is not my passion this is my 'feed the family' job


  1. Blimey, some people are just too productive! I love the pendant btw - gorgeous! nikki x

  2. Yeah, so productive I feel embarassed, le sigh. Anyhoo, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT necklace!!!

  3. Okay, wow - what a productive mama you are! You got all that done in one day?? I'm impressed!

  4. Aww thanks Nikki, Sheela and Brandi ~ I actually started a couple of the pieces on the Thursday but managed to finish them on Saturday. I worked like a woman on a mission ;0}

  5. Wowser, so much ambition ~ Beautiful pieces. If I had to pick a favorite well, I couldn't 'cause I love them all!

  6. I love the bar dangles with the agate...when are you posting these items..Delia

  7. Thanks Gemalicious Beads :}

    Delia I am slowly adding the pieces in between work days so keep an eye open for them ;0]

  8. Geez you have made a lot of goodies! Good for you!! They're gorgeous!


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