August 20, 2010

Look what I got!!

I wonder if you can guess??

I'm still playing

I have so much to learn!

So any ideas???


  1. TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!! I want one! But its quite far down my "to buy" list. CONGRATS! *grin* XOXO

  2. You so lucky! A rolling mill!?

  3. It will add a whole new dimension to your work........ enjoy!

  4. I'm not talking to you anymore.
    *goes to sulk in the corner*

  5. Oh lucky you this is also on my list as well as a pepe disc cutter, but every time i have money to get one the money goes on something else, maybe one day.

  6. Thanks so much everyone (and AK I know you will talk to me lmao especially if I wave chocolate at you ;) ) There is so much to learn but I need to take this slowly for now ~ maybe I should practise on copper lol!!


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