September 02, 2010

Is it back to normal???

Well school is back ~ yep my baby girl (who is 9 and would sooo tell me off for publically saying she's my baby lol) is back into year 5 ~ doesn't seem two minutes ago she started does it!! So studio time should get easier (she says hahah) 

All That Glitters is Not Gold

At the moment I am collecting heavier pieces to be hallmarked ~ I think I am nearly ready to send them off which is sooo exciting :) It means that all my pieces I send to the Assay office will have my own unique British hallmark (like a makers mark) but will also insure what you are buying is sterling silver ~ with this I am hoping to get my work into local galleries and shops ... the competition is fierce...

Green Fern


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  1. That is just fantastic news Jo, I am so proud of you.


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