November 25, 2010

Rest and Recuperation

and working on another custom order ....

I don't normally accept stones from customers to work with unless I know the customer well ~ why you may ask ~ well I tend to buy stones on look alone ~ i never know what I am going to create and sometimes they sit forever in my drawer before inspiration sets in... But for my customers I have got to know well it's a lot easier ~ although this one did stay with me for a few months ;0)

So this is what I made with this lovely Lavender Jadeit stone I was sent ~ the ring is pretty large and deserved a unusual setting I thought..

So this is what I was making before I was swept off for the weekend ~ to the lovely Malvern Hills! A chance for some family time and some rest and recuperation does wonders for the soul ~ as soon as some pictures of my new pieces are sorted of course I will show you :}



  1. Love it, Jo!!! And the granule area looks like a little branch of mistletoe!:)

  2. the jewellery is fabulous and I am really intrigued with the photography - do you do it yourself or have a professional do it??


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