May 05, 2011

For the love of Leaves

Longer leaves in Copper with Emerald

Long Long leaves in Copper

Shiny oak leaves in silver

Dark Golden Copper Oak leaf

Tiny Oak Leaves in silver
Long Fluttering Oak Leaves

Rose Leaves in Bronze

Emerald and silver oak Leaves
Yup you can say I am a little Leaf obsessed at the moment ~ I seem to be dreaming in leaves, they seem to be fluttering inside my head constantly.

and would you believe it if I told you this wasn't all of them...

Or probably the last of them!



  1. Wonderful work Jo :)
    As always ;)

  2. Love em, all of em. So much leafy goodness.....

  3. They are all great...I love leaves also...there is just something about them.

  4. Thanks ladies ~ I'm trying not to use leaves today in my work but I'm not sure its working ;)

  5. They're gorgeous, I love them all!


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