June 09, 2011


I know I am always talking about Cornwall ~ everyone who reads my blog or watches my work or even (if they are very lucky ;0) ) owns a piece, knows how influenced I am by my surrounding ~ a Cornish girl in heart and soul!!

I decided to feature some photographers work in a bid to show you what I mean ~ to see whether you can see what I see ~ or even feel.
Some of my fellow artisans (and great friends) have you used these sentences to describe my work ~ 

The old kind of magic, the magic of druids and nature and the Celts.

Your work is feminine yet rustic. I am in the woods with the sun peircing through the trees. The magic of the trees are whispering to me. Then I am transported to the ocean and the waves sing softly to me.
I think woodlands, craggy seashores, stormy seas
what I imagine Cornwall to be like: earthy, magical, rugged, wooded, and with dramatic sea coasts
Don't you just love it when folks can see what you are trying to put into your work!! 
Anyway, one artist I really must show off to you is Ben Ellis  ~ his work doesn't show just the beauty of Cornwall beaches but everything from the hundreds of steps on a coastal path, to the stormy seas, river and creeks, abandoned mines and woodlands.

MOD.02 copy

BenEllis74294 copy




Cornwall HDR
Here's some of my favourites from Ben's work ~ you find more of his work on Etsy  or on his personal website .



  1. What gorgeous photos! No wonder you are inspired by your surroundings! :)

  2. Stunning photos, its easy to see why you are so inspired! My partners dad has not long moved to Truro, and is keen to show us all the sights!
    Your jewellery is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photos..

    And yes,I think your work is all about this beautiful place. :)


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