July 19, 2011

I have new tools

 and this is what I made ...

I have some cleaning up to do but I'm really pleased with not only the outcome but the technique ~ sometimes you feel something fits and this certainly feels that way at the moment :}

I'll post some more pictures another time!



  1. love them so far ;)
    this new technique is totally Gemheaven style :D

  2. Thanks Jenny I feel that too and I can't wait to perfect the technique!!

  3. Jo they look great! Tell me more about these new tools!

  4. Ooh looks like you've been having loads of fun!! They turned out great!

  5. Tess ~ I have a new stake just perfect for this I have so many ideas but having to play with copper for now :)

    Thanks Emma :}

  6. Ooooo.... LOVE!

    But, for us foreigners... do tell, what is a stake? (I guess you're not talking about staking-a-vampire-through-the-heart-stake but something else.)

  7. Trust you Ak lol with your vampire reference ~ have you been overdosing on True Blood again??

    A Stake is a tool which you form metal over ~ I suppose I'm going to have to do a blog post lol

  8. Ohhh, I have stake envy, Jo!! LOL These look fabulous and I cannot wait to see where you take this new technique...I agree with Jenny that it is a perfect fit with your Gemheaven style :-)



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