August 20, 2011

Birthdays and new things

Firstly huge apologises for my tardiness, its been a very busy month with not only my other job but also birthdays galore!! It's only been my beautiful daughters 10th birthday but mine too!!

We had a lovely weekend away in Bristol ~ my lovely husband took us and my darling parents where we shopped and ate (yes cream cakes too) and shopped some more and ate more!!  Needless to say I am back on the diet before all my new clothes are outgrown!!

I haven't had much time in the studio recently

 I have made a couple of starts on some beauties but I have also been playing with my background for my photographs.  Can you believe I have used the slate background for 5 years and I felt like I needed an update ~ truthfully my website needs a huge update but that one will have to wait.....

 So what do you think ?

I'm actually really liking it ~ the contrast which I was worried about, between metal and background is still good. The shabby rustic look is something I have always loved too :) 

So let me know won't you ...



  1. I love the new background, your jewellery stands out really well and looks great! And Happy Birthday both!

  2. Jo, I'm loving your new background! From a photography point of view the contrast is still really good in fact I think I prefer it to the slate. You've managed to make it look current but still maintain your style. I'm loving the shabby chic look, you clever thing you!!

  3. Thanks Emma ~ always great to hear from a talented photographer ;0)

  4. Oh very nice, Jo! There is a lovely contrast between your jewellery and the background, and I agree with Emma that it still maintains your current style.

    Onward and upwards, gorgeous!!! :-D


  5. The background is great for the photography!


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