September 14, 2011

Whispers of Green

As the leaves start turning a golden brown, small whispers of green live on, promising us the sun and warmth will return.

I actually love Autumn ~ not as much as Spring, I have to say but I love the colours around me and there's an almost woody smell in the air.  The beaches are now quiet and I can stroll along the shoreline just taking in the sea air and thinking, clearing the cobwebs from head.

These beauties were snapped up very quickly ~ thank you so much ♥



  1. These are so gorgeous Jo!!

    It's no surprise they sold so quickly!

  2. They are just perfect for the upcoming fall season.

  3. Thank you Nurrgala and Sandi ~ they came out really well <<<happy person ;0)

  4. I really love your printed pieces! So earthy and elegant at the same time! Beautiful work as usual! :)


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