October 25, 2011


*You need to leave this blog post if you don't want to be my shoulder to cry on......

Things are not going great here in my house...
I'm not well ~ the drs aren't sure what is wrong but the only conclusion is vertigo..
I'm on medication now but it makes me so sleepy 

I'm struggling to function..

and on top of that its half term holidays
I have extra shifts in my other job

I'm such a zombie when I get home.

to add fuel to the fire 
GOdaddy suspended my website account

I keep getting hacked into...

I remove all the offending material
I asked them for help
(which they didnt give ~ well without a phonecall~ to the US)
instead they suspended my account and now aren't answering emails.

Ian and I were at the final stages of a new website to launch 
now they have suspended me I can't access anything.

I never thought I would say it but 

I'm sorry to whinge and thank you if you lasted this long.
Does your shoulder look messy now??

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest

Wise words I need to follow!

Thank you for listening ♥



  1. Oh, my lovely, so so sad to hear you aren't well! ((((hugs)))) Ugh for bad web providers! I hope it will work out in the end, but still, UGH!! Feel free to cry on my shoulder anytime! xox Lotta

  2. You can totally cry on my shoulder hun ♥ So sorry that you have to be on meds that are making it harder for you and that you are having big issues with the knobs at Godaddy. I hope it all gets sorted ASAP!!! Thinking of you Jo ♥

  3. oh dear,
    i hope u do get better!
    i'm sure things will get better soon!

  4. soot to hear you aren't well and the bad business with the website-you must be feeling terrible. You know that things will get better though....they have to! Try and be positive and hope you get 100% well again very soon x

  5. Oh dear, Jo. I am so sorry to hear about all these. :( XOXO Not sure how I can help, but I'm on FB if you need someone to listen! *hugs*

  6. Gosh I am so sorry about all this. You know, maybe it is always darkest before the dawn, so just wait for it ;))

  7. dearest Jo.... is there anything I can do to help? Even if you just need an ear to rant at... I'm here. I am sorry that things are so hard for you at the moment, and hate to think of you sick and tired and worried....... Forget about the non-essentials and concentrate on yourself for the time being.

  8. Oh Jo I am so sorry! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! And you can cry all you want on my shoulder :)


  9. Sometimes, we all need that shoulder. Hope you feel better soon...I have fought vertigo and it can be so awful. I was actually able to get rid of it with some exercises...ask your doctor about them.

  10. Oh Jo, so sorry to hear that things are a bit rough at the moment! I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! Hope things will work out with your website! Big hug!

  11. We all need a place to express the hard days: you should feel totally safe doing that here! I hope you are feeling better and that you are able to find solace - I wish you well!!!!!


  12. Thanks all for your shoulders :) I'm now working on the tranfers ~ I have new meds for my vetigo which actually don't make me feel like I am walking through treacle ;)


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