November 15, 2011

Fly Me

I'm loving Golden Rutile Quartz at the moment ~ this pendant inititally with a labradorite briolette hanging from the bottom ~ then I had a dream and it was the same bird with a golden rutile cabochon trailing from below.  When I woke I knew I had to change it ... so I did!

Fly to the Sun
I'm not sure about this background as an alternative to the off white one I have been using..

The gold is fused onto the sterling silver using the ancient technique of Keum boo ~ it gets a little hot I can tell you but I love the effect on the dark patina of the silver. 

Anyway my lovelies I will be listing this one later today.

Have a good one!



  1. HUGE fan of your work here! and I think that the rutilated quartz/gold leaf combo is inspired in your new design! bravo.

  2. Love it! I might have to play with keum boo at some point :-) x


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