November 25, 2011

Pin on and a worry...

Well apologises should be made ~ I promised lots of jewellery pics this week, didn't I? 
Sorry they didn't materialise ~ I've been feeling a little lost at the moment ....
I sit in my studio and yes I can make up my custom orders but I feel restless..
I can't seem to get my muse to work with me..
Maybe its how quiet my shop has been ~ last year I was run off my feet ...
This year I am ticking over .... but only just and I realisehow much it does affect me..

I have been sketching but even that isn't helping..
I have silver, all ready to be worked on..
So what is going on?? 

Maybe my muse is on vacation ..
I wonder where she has gone ..

I like to think she is travelling around Italy 

Maybe first to Rome
Source: via Jo on Pinterest

Taking in the City
Source: via Jo on Pinterest

Moving onto Sorrento for some relaxation

A trip over to the Island of Capri

Wandering the ruins of Pompeii
Source: via Jo on Pinterest

 Relaxation on the Amalfi Coast

I would love to have gone with my muse but maybe, just maybe she will come back rested and full of inspiration for the year ahead..



  1. I wish I was with your muse too.... My shop has never been this quiet! I have literally NO custom orders for Christmas. Even my first year selling on Etsy was busier!!!!

  2. I'm sure she'll be back, Jo ... hang in there. Look at beautiful pictures, landscapes, colors and lure her back *hugs*

  3. I feel your muse keeps running off also...the next time I catch her, I am chaining her to my bench. I am sure yours will return with gusto!

  4. Thanks so much for making me feel I am not alone ~ I just want the work to flow again ~ but decided not to push it and let it come of its own accord ;) xx

  5. I am sure your muse will return again quite soon! :)
    My Etsy shop is totally quiet as well without any custom orders. A bit disheartening for sure!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. I hope your muse returns soon - maybe she will take you with her next time!


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