February 09, 2012

Its a Paradox

This is an introduction to my new range ~

which thanks to my muse is ever growing♥

Dark Paradox bracelet ~ RESERVED
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 Also will be available in shiny silver
Shiny and Dark Paradox pendant 
 I plan on making another one of these using copper and silver
~ hopefully it will turn out as good as I'm hoping

  Paradox ring ~ totally freeform and simple

Pin It   Dark Paradox earrings ~ SOLD

More to be made ~ if you want a pair just let me know!

This is the medium size I also have large ones ~ is you like something a little more bohemian

Showing you both the light and the dark
again I plan another set of these with copper and silver :}

This is me wearing the large ones ~ 
remember they are totally freeform, lightweight and each pair is totally unique.

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I hope you like the new range ~ there is also in the making simple pendants (smaller and on a shorter chain than the one above), bangles and statement necklaces. My muse went haywire!

 Thanks for looking and I would love to hear what you think

Speak soon



  1. I personally love them all...they are so unique and gorgeous.

  2. Hi Jo
    Different to your usual work i.e. no stones, but absolutely fabulous nonetheless. Think it was worth waiting for your muse to return....

    1. Thanks Vicky ~ a little different but hopefully still as rustic as ever ;) xx

  3. It's kind of hard to say from the pictures. I think you need to send them to me. Only for a closer inspection of course. *cough*

    1. Hahaha umm one day I might surprise you!!!

      and ring your doorbell .......

  4. i'm loving your stuff without a stone - simple and classic, just how i like jewellry to be. keep it up, i might persuade mark to purchase my bday pressie from you!!

    1. Hiya Gayle :)*waves and anytime send Mark my way ;)

  5. Really love your new range! Can't decide which colours best. Both I think!


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