February 08, 2013

I think I am back!

Four weeks post op and now starting to turn the corner
mentally and physically!!

The op was a success and once the bruising and swellings have gone down I should be back 
to being fighting fit!! 

My only frustrations have been the lack of studio 

I have missed it sooo much.

As you know I did make a tone of things before I went in so I could still add fresh things to my page!!

Gothic Red

Imprinted with Pink Sapphire

Imprinted #2

Midnight Solstice ~SOLD

Starlight earrings and pendant

I also have a few pieces to send off for hallmarking 
~ will try and get a photograph of them all before they go :)



  1. Glad to hear you that your op was a success and that you are on your way to recovery.....beautiful earrings there.. love the imprint pattern texture.

  2. So, so glad you are beginning to feel good again coz I have SO, SO, SO MISSED YOU!

  3. Jo, so good to hear you are feeling better and better. I just found out that I will have to be having surgery soon also. Painful gall stones sent me to the emergency room last week. I have never had surgery before and I am frightened. I think you could understand.
    I love the beautiful jewelry pieces you have here on your blog. Just gorgeous. You are a very talented lady. Hope you get back to the studio real soon.
    Mary Ann/Tiger Bead Store

    1. Aww MaryAnn don't worry I will be virtually holding your hand all the way promise. They found I had gallstones when I had a renal scan after my op :/ hopefully I won't have to go back in. Will be thinking of you xxxx


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