March 24, 2013

Knocked off my feet

I've had this horrible virus this week,
 sore throat, cough and cold 
so my work as slowed to a full stop :/

I did manage to finish some pieces previously
 that I've been working on for a while. 

Other ideas I need to start on including an amazing custom order.

But this is one I'm thrilled with....

This is something I have been working on

 Totally inspired by the sea creatures ~ the centre stone is actually an amazing cabochon by the lampwork artisan Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork

 She's nearly finished but I wanted to show you anyway ... patience is never a trait I can say is mine!! 

The chunky chain is handmade until it attaches to the rolo chain which adds to the piece. 

I have a couple more pieces to show next week.


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  1. You blogged about one of my favorite pieces Jo!!!! I just LOVE this design of yours! Are you feeling better now??? I had it to............ 2 whole weeks in and I still am kept awake with a cough........ driving me POTTY!

    Manda x


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