April 16, 2013

Giveaway TIme!!

Its HERE!!

The chance to win a special handcrafted necklace featuring :~
Labradorite and Moonstone

"A piece of the Sky for You"

and a second chance to win

Gives you the choice between a Gothic ring (Your choice of stone) 


A Fleur Pendant ( with your choice of stone) 

Now the competition is going on here ~ 

or more importantly here ~

But for those of you NOT on facebook  this is what you have to do 

for 1 x entry like my blog

1 x Share my blog Giveaway ( or facebook giveaway ) on twitter or through your blog

1 x entry ~ tell me below what is your favourite piece of jewellery in my shop

I'll then add you to the giveaway :) 

(Of course easier if you are a facebooker ;))

You don't have to do everything above just one or two will get you an entry :) 

Thanks for taking part!!


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