January 16, 2009


Recently I have started playing with stone settings ~ its been a learning experiance to say the least but I think I am gradually getting it! I started with tiny 5mm stones and settings ~ not sure if starting small was the way to go but I enjoyed the process.

I love the effect of these little cabs with my oxidised silver but of course I always want to take it a little bit further. I did buy some bigger cabs and bezel cups and played around with some Christmas pressies for family ~ this ring was a gift to my sister ~ it looked stunning on to!!

Finally I made this gorgeous heart pendant with a beautiful Moonstone cab ~ this one is very organic looking and the flash is delicious ~ just perfect for Valentines day without being too girly or slushy ~ of which I am neither ;)
Today though I actually set (on my own) a piece of sea glass ~ woohoo ~ can you tell I am so excited ~ its in the tumbler so I can't show you just yet as its will need oxidising ~ here's hoping she turns out ok though as I really enjoyed the process.


  1. ooooo I love love LOVE the organic looks of these Jo!!!!! hmmm.....

  2. I love these new pieces. Nice work!

  3. Oh I love that stuff! Looks like so much fun too!

  4. hey Jo, happy new year hpe all is well with the family.
    Ok I am in love with the ring and super jealous of your sister, i wish I had it.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Grayson sends kisses to his virtual auntie Jo

  5. ooh I just ordered stuff to try and do setting. I'm a bit scared so I ordered pre made bezels to warm up before I get to doing it all myself. :D Gorgeous Jo!


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