January 19, 2009

Simply Gorjuss

When I first joined up to Etsy as a buyer I came across this artist whose work I absolutely adored ~she has been in my favourites for all this time and this Christmas (with Father Christmas's help of course) made my first purchase for my daughter. Gorjuss Art Ltd is the work of Suzanne Woolcott ~ based in Glasgow she has exhibited in not only the UK but the USA as well. Her work to me is slightly gothic with an air of serenity ~ art of course is extremly personal but Suzannes work I think could appeal to anyone.

Not only does gorjuss art come in prints ~ they also can be bought in bookmarks, pocket mirrors, keychains, bottle openers, jewellery ~ there really is something for everyone ~ I started off Elli's collection with a pocket mirror and a bookmark which she absolutely adored ~ the picture below is going to be my next purchase for her as my daughter is very partial to her blankie ;0) (shhh don't tell her I told you though) !!

Suzanne says about her work :~
"My art is a deep expression of a somewhat lost childhood innocence in all of us. It resembles a need to find reason in what we see, it challenges our thoughts of comfort, safety and social acceptance, it challenges our preconceived ideas of childhood. It touches on the taboos of bringing children and death closer than is normally comfortable and evokes a sense of overwhelming calmness, and perhaps contempt to the viewer.

The sheer stillness of my girls poses are accentuated with the movement around them, in their flowing hair or landscapes. Offering what seems like just a brief moment of their world, catching a glimpse of their lives and their emotions."
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~I suppose thats where I see the gothic serenity in her work ~

Suzanne also has a blog ~ so if like me, you fall simply in love with her work you can subscribe to reading all her latest news and updates. While purusing the latest news and updated I also noticed you can get fabulous skins for not only your ipod, ds Lite but even your laptop ~ how cool is that!! *sigh once I get my laptop I am soo going to treat myself ;D

Go take a look
Gorjust Art Ltd @
gorjuss shop


  1. those are gorgeous, so peaceful :) thanks for sharing Jo

  2. I can see why you fell in love - Suzanne's work is fab ;) I've just had a look at her blog and see she's a fan on Neil Gaiman too, even better! I reckon I could find a pressie for my Goddaughter from her shop, I'd been thinking I might get a print for her bedroom ;)

  3. Oooo, I'm a huge fan of Suzanne's work too - I've only bought Gorguss magnets so far but will definitely be treating myself to other bits n bobs in the future. Reminds me of my stripy tights days! :)

  4. Gorjuss is right!! wow.... very calming... soothing.... thought intriguing... excellent!!! Thanks for sharing Jo!!! :D

  5. I hopped over to her blog - she was born the year I graduated from high school. Gah. Excuse me while I go put my teeth in a cup.


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