February 02, 2009

Purple Passions

See what happens when I start talking about spring ~ it snows! Luckily we have even got a good covering, as Cornwall with its milder winds normally misses out! I adore looking at snow and still (of course once I am home and dry ~ and the family is the same) I get that rush of excitement ~ I'm sure its something to do with it not being something that happens very often though!

I have been very busy this weekend with finishing commissions ~ Kate my lovely customer in the Netherlands always seems to totally inspire me with colours with our discussions and I have had a really big Amethyst time these past few weeks ~ and the above were the reasons! A beautiful mixture of smooth and faceted amethyst with fw pearls in silver and peacock ~ its definately a favourite combination now.


  1. These are just beautiful Jo! Really gorgeous work. :)

  2. beautiful color, great pieces!!!!

  3. WOW they are stunning! I ♥ amethyst soo much!

  4. lovely colours, they look gorgeous.


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