January 30, 2009

Was it a sign?

There must have been a glimmer in the air for spring as I made two pairs of earrings which have definately the look of spring to them. We do have snowdroops out in my back garden and the little kittens from next door came and sunbathed by our pation door much the disgust of Charlie Cat. First sign at the moment are available on my Etsy shop but as of Sunday will be available on my website. Please remember if you want to purchase from Etsy but are in the UK and don't want to pay in USdollars just let me know and I will send you a revised invoice from paypal.

Sadly I think our spring like weather was only for a day or so as we seem to be about to enter another few days of cold weather from Siberia!!


  1. I am just picturing the kittens sunbathing Awwww so cute ;) But I think you're right about the weather = snow apparently on Monday...

  2. Both of those pairs are gorgeous! Your right, very spring-y! I especially love the second pair with the greens!

  3. I can definitely fee that spring is in the air :)


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