March 30, 2009

Daylight Saving

Oh my daylight saving ~ loosing that hour this weekend has really got me flagging ~ that and working this weekend both days has really zapped my creativity. Normally at the weekend I spend at least 5 hrs soldering bases, cutting and making chain up ready for the week ~ not including commissions. Of course the party we went to on Saturday evening probably hasn't helped the feeling of pure lethargy ~ and Elli appearing after 5 hrs sleep (us not her) is another reason!! Hopefully I can catch up in the next couple of days.

My latest pieces are as follow ~ hope you like them.
Dance ~ with Amethyst and Moonstone
A Little of Everything ~ Clear Thoughts

I actually managed to catch some of the film Marley and Me ~ its a really funny film but go armed with tissues :)


  1. What beautiful pieces - I covet them all, especially Moonphase. I keep sending my husband links to your shop as a hint for my birthday in August!

    I'm also knocked out by the change of the hour, it always takes me several days to re-adjust...but the light evenings make up for it!

  2. Jo, I missed seeing you at your other blog and then I realized you'd moved here! I'm glad I found you again (and your beautiful jewelry) again.

  3. I like your designs! I wonder if i can feature them in

  4. HI Jane

    I'd be more than happy :) Let me know when you have done it


  5. Thanks. I will feature the Dancing Queen on 1 May 09.

    You can subscribe to the post at so that you won't miss the post.



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