March 13, 2009

Its time

To show you some of my latest pieces ~ and not one has been listed yet ~ in fact if you are quick you can even decide for me where you want them to go!! I am basically juggling a lot at the moment but it hasn't stopped my creativity ~ I am still making and designing but it means I have a backlog on my desk waiting to list ~ my poor website is probably the most neglected at the moment and I really need to sort it out ~ someone give me a kick!!

Anyway Mothering Sunday is fast approaching so for anyone who has a Mum to give to or is a MUM :) you can quickly start dropping huge hints now!! WE usually go out on the Sunday with the whole of the family (mind you sister number 2 is away) which narrows it down a little ~ its so nice to all get together though don't you think?

Also I wanted (in my capacity as a cinema worker ~ ha) to recommend my film of the week (Now bearing in mind I only work a couple of days and don't always get to see the whole film!!)
The Young Victoria ~ is such a beautiful film ~ fabulous costumes and being a true story is always lovely.

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  1. Hi Jo, Just a quick note to tell you there's an award for you on my blog ;)
    Ali x


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