March 11, 2009

East of the Sun Art

I Love Art but more importantly I love art that inspires me to create, Julia Guthrie of East of the Sun does just that for me. Anyone who has followed my work will know I often use goddess's as inspiration, or inspirational women whether fact or fiction, in myth or history, Julia brings these women to life in gorgeous colours.

Julia says
I paint mostly with Watercolour, & am inspired by everything around me, from my Dog, my own spiritual journey, to the magical landscape & seascapes of South Cornwall. The land of King Arthur, the Mermaid of Zennor & myths galore!

I bought a couple of bookmarks ~ one for me and one for my Mum ~ but now I want more ~ trust me this lady is very talented!! Of course the fact she lives in Cornwall for me is a bonus ~ and we all know how much I love my County :)

Check Julia out ~
Her Blog

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