April 20, 2009

Busy Bee!

Wow this fortnight has flown by ~ with working nearly everyday (on my other job) and being desperate to create and off course Elli (My 7yr old) I have been struggling to juggle everything. Schools back in now though ~ so hopefully normality (haha) will resume!! I did catch up with some commissions this weekend and have quite a few more in my book to finish (as well as start) which is great news!

Do you think my new creations are influenced by the weather ;)

1. Sweet Drifter
2. He Loves me Earrings
3. A Field of Daisies


  1. simply gorgeous dahling!!! I hope life settles down a bit for you!


  2. Truly beautiful pieces, I especially love the Field of Daisies, I feel I could just reach out and touch it!

    And I know what you mean about juggling, it never seems to end, does it?! Hope things calm down for you soon.

  3. Very nice. Sweet Drifter is so different from the other 2 designs. It's almost like 2 different people made them!

    My favorite is He Loves Me earrings. I love the simplicity and the balance of them.


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