April 23, 2009

Latest packaging

Thank you so much to Maggie of SweetScarlett for being such a wonderful person to work with ~ not only did she take on board my queries she went overboard to get me the stickers I wanted!! I have been buying my packaging 'essentials' from South America and decided there must be someone in the UK who can make me the same ~ and woohoo I found Maggie.

I have some really cute little thank you cards and some little round stickers ~ which are just perfect for finishing off my packaging ~ so Maggie comes highly recommended :D I will be back I have others things on my 'wish list'

Maggies shops

English Preserves


  1. Wow - they look fabulous :)

  2. Cool..I didn't realise the pretty packaging was new style:) I confess I was impressed by the logo stickers...hehe!

  3. Super packaging, cool, elegant and professional!

  4. Oh Jo, you are too kind!
    It was such a pleasure working with you to complete your order.
    You weren't even flustered when the Post Office took so long to deliver your package to you!
    Your work is beautiful and you, Jo, are a beautiful person!
    Thank you so much for ordering from my little shop, and fr such fabulous recommendation here, in your blog!


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