August 25, 2009

Time flies

Bewitched with Labradorite ~ available

Yes I have been having fun but I've been so busy with my cinema life too being it the busiest time in the holidays. We also have had a couple of birthdays (mine and Elli's) and with my lovely "E" also home trying to keep up with everything is a bit like juggling ~ which is something I have never been able to do apart from the boring two ball at a time type ;0)

Bewitched with Pink Amethyst

I did managed to start a new series for the Autumn /Winter collection called Bewitched ~ these pendants are worn long (approx 30") and look fantastic with my grown pendants layered up. I have so many colour combinations just itching to be made up so if there is something you fancy then just send me an email and together we can create a Bewitched pendant just for you!


  1. Oh my gosh that's some gorgeous jewelry you've made there!


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