September 01, 2009

Getting organised

Elli goes back to school tomorrow so today I have really need to get us all organised ~ for school and work!! The above picture shows my new containers for my cabochons ~ they were in a box with all my gemstones and I really started the more I collected (*note collected lol!!) to find the ones I wanted when I wanted! I love these containers and bought a second for my smaller findings to so hopefully I can keep everything where I need them!

The plan this year is to convert my garage into a proper working space ~ E is great at building and has decided to insulate, and set me up properly so I can work completely in one space (complete with ventilation) instead of moving from garage to house as I work. In the winter I have been known to get blue fingers and then hammer myself because the feeling has gone ~ hopefully once its all sorted I will have some great pics to show you all.

I have updated my website this morning with new goodies and also updated the gallery of sold and commissions so you can see what I have been making.

Right off to start the top of my long list of things to do today


  1. What a brilliant system! I was curious when you mentioned you had new storage for your cabs, thanks for sharing! I need to get mine sorted as well, although I don't have that many... yet!

  2. Sounds a good plan converting to your garage!

    I just hope you manage to get it sorted before winter!

  3. Thanks Lotta so far so good :)

    And cufflinks somehow with my dh's new job I can't see it happening but I can but dream ;0)


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