September 16, 2009

Indian Summer

Leaf ~ available
Wow the weather has really thrown me off ~ not that I am complaining far from it ~ I love the sun and we have been neglected a good summer so I am enjoying every minute I can!! It feels funny though creating for Autumn when the sun is so warm but my muse {luckily} has been compliant and willing to work with me! The above pendant was sawn and shaped and the added signature wine bail just adds that special something. I haven't listed her yet but I will.

Tropical rain ~ available
The little earrings shown with the vivid blue Topaz I think were influenced by the amount of water that was found in our neighbours front garden. Due to age our water pipes have crumbled and our water meter was whizzing so fast {Like a windmill on a windy day!} So in the Tubb household the front garden has today had a large trench dug by two very strong men!!! Now new laying of pipe and we shall soon be back to normal ~ it makes me see how lucky we are to have running water ~ the amount of times I have turned the tap on to get a gurgle and nothing else is untrue!!



  1. gorgeous work! particularly love the earrings, so unlike today's weather up here in the north!

  2. It's been a weird summer here. It rained most of the summer in the mountains when we were there with my mom. Then come back to Charlotte and it's hot, hot, hot. Now fall is almost here with the days slowly getting shorter and shorter, and I'll certainly be welcoming the cooler weather.

    Your muse has most definitely been compliant! You've been cranking out some great pieces!! I hope you get your water restored soon!

  3. Fabulous! love both pieces, but the Topaz stone is amazing in color!

  4. HI Jo!

    I truly love your work and your shop of jewels...simply gorgeous!

    Thanks for being my blogger friend!



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