January 21, 2010



I've managed to actually finished some pieces ~ my muse was taking a little break and with my tax return to do *bleurgh~ I so do not like the business side of business* I couldn't seem to finish anything ~ do you ever gets times like this or is it me??

Natural Seas ~ SOLD
As you can see I've been making pendants galore ~ I have so many stones and glass cabs they all are singing to me ~ I HAVE made a ring though ...

Frozen in Ice



  1. Gorgeous pieces Jo! I love the little leaves on the evergreen pendant.

    Oh, and not just you - I have a box full of half-finished wire pieces!!

    Maz x

  2. I have awarded you with the Sunshine Blog Award simply because your jewellery is absolutely amazing - I love flicking through your posts!!!!

    Check out your award here http://sunrisejewellery.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-blog-wins-sunshine-award.html

    Vicki White x

  3. I also love the little leaves on the top pendant, do you saw these yourself?

  4. Not only do you have difficulty with the income statement ......
    Ache I lose the will and creativity when I do conticon taxes
    Complimeni for your work

    Excuse my English .....

  5. You got another one from me..lol

    I'm passing on the 'Sunshine Award' to you, see my blog for more details!

    Sunshine Award

    Maz x

  6. Your metal work is really taking off! So pretty!


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