January 26, 2010

Workshop Part II

I know its been slow huh!! But as E not only has a ful time job but he's also helping a friend build an extension so you can understand why its not speeding along ~ but look I have a sink !! Not plumbed in but hey you can see what and where ;) The worktop will go around the corner and this will be my soldering station ~ complete with air extraction *whoop whoop*

I will be sharing my space with the tumble dryer but its pretty well behaved ;) The most important thing is the wall heater ~ gone are the days of blue fingers!! This side is going to be my photography set up and on the other corner my computor etc will live..

Are you as excited as me??


  1. Yes! Trembling with excitment for your REAL studio! The dryer might even add extra warmth! (Throw a fluffy hoodie in and take it out as the peak of warmness...yum.)

  2. it's taking shape, lucky you, i'm sure it will be gorgeous when it's all finshed, i'm just jealous,

  3. Woooow!
    *green of envy*
    I am SO happy for you!
    This can becomew such a cosy and functional room.

  4. love love love your stuff! super cute...let me know if you want me to future you in my friday fabs!


    and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks Jenn, Eve and Karin :)

    Rebecca love your blog and I'd love a featureon your Friday fabs :D


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