April 08, 2010

Easter break

Driftwood in Dark and Light 

I am here ~ blogging in the holidays is not easy ~ my "other job" doesn't leave a lot of time ~ my days off are precious time to spend with my daughter.  Today I crave for normality of routine but not because I want my daughter back at school ~ because I love having her home~ but because I want (actually that should be need) to spend time in my studio.  The weather is beautiful at the moment and my muse is putting designs into my head, I envy those of you who sketch ~ I do occassionally but most of the time I like to go with the flow.

Eternal Sun

But tonight I did manage to finish a few pieces I have been working on ~ now I have to find time to list them !


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  1. Nice work! I am with you on the whole sketching thing. I can't do it....I have tried believe me, but no cigar. I suck at it lol. I'm like you and go with what ever is in my head. Hope you get that much needed time at the bench!


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