July 12, 2010

Busy Bee

Storm Chasers ~ SOLD

Dark Shielded Dreams ~ Available

Sequel ~ SOLD

I can't seem to keep anything in my shop on etsy at the moment ~ I list it and *wham* its gone to a new home!! Its fabulous because my muse is working overtime ~ she was itching to do so much today but in between I have to edit pictures and wrap up the parcels that have to go into the post today!! I have two pendant on the go today and I think they're nearly done ~ of course many commissions and for that my lovely customers I thank you!!

*one notice I must give though ~ from Friday I won't be taking on anymore commissions until 1st September, when Elli goes back to school after her summer holidays.   Studio time will be scarce and I don't want anyone expecting a quick job when I may not be able to deliver on time.  of course I have no problems taking on commissions for September in the meantime :)



  1. beautiful Jo! I'm glad things are flying out the shop! :D

  2. What a lovely "problem" to have! ;) Your work is gorgeous - I'm not surprised! xo

  3. Thank ~ so much Nina and Natalia! It 's been a fantastic few weeks long may it continue :}


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