July 06, 2010

Phew ...

Ok the past week has been awful ~loosing a dear friend just devastated me and made me think in I suppose a depressing way about my immortality.  So I am taking the bull between the horns and saving hard for my hallmark ~ to sell sterling silver in the UK there are laws to protect the customers ~ anything weighing over a certain amount should be stamped at an Assay Office.  Of course naughtily I have been putting this off, mainly because of the cost ~ I mean every penny I have come into the business I tend to pump back in ~ I am always needing more silver, more packaging, etc etc etc.  But I have sent off for my pack ready ~ to have my own hallmark I suppose is a little bit like leaving apart of myself to live on ..

With everything else my computor blew up ~ something so 'E' told me, to do with a fan failing which stopped cooling the computor which then melted some part that was VERY IMPORTANT ~ luckily we have a friend who is a whizz at computors and he has lent us his for the meantime until we can sort out a replacement ~ I mean how would we cope.

But now back to my commissions ...



  1. so sorry to hear about your friend, but it's good that you are using it to push on and do something positive that you need to do for you. Keep going! xxx

  2. Fab news on the Hallmark! You go for it girl!

  3. I agree! I have been wanting one forever too...but the price is pretty awful...one day! Must show us when you get it! P.S. super sorry that you have lost a dear friend x x

  4. Thank you Rachel, Sarah and Emma :}


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