September 10, 2010


So its only taken me a week since Elli has gone back to school to sort out sending pieces off to be hallmarked.  Today it is finally all packed and ready to go ~ there are so many pieces I need to list but quite frankly until they are hallmarked it isn't worth it.

You may ask me why I need a hallmark ~ In the United Kingdom we have a system of protection when buying gold, silver or platinum jewellery called hallmarking.  This simply means that the precious metal to be sold in the UK must be stamped with a series of tiny 'hallmarks' somewhere  on the item.  It is one of the oldest laws in the world regarding consumer protection, dating back to the 1300's.  Anyone selling gold in the UK who does not comply with the UK Hallmarks Act is commiting a serious criminal offence. 
Hallmarks will tell you who made the piece, which Assay (hallmarking) Office it was tested at, what purity the metal is (eg - 375/ 9ct gold) and usually what year it was made in (will be represented by an alphabet letter).

 I also want to get myself into shops and galleries here in Cornwall and even further afield and by having my own registered hallmark means even the heavier pieces can be sold..  In a vain sort of way its also a way of leaving my legacy to the world ~ my husband said maybe in a 100 years time someone will be showing something on Antiques roadshow lol!!!

So hopefully in a week to ten days these pieces will appear in my shop ~ complete with my own personal hallmark ~ how exciting !!



  1. Oh it is so exciting Jo. I hope you will show us a little picture of the hallmark when the items return. Let's hope this marks the start of a new chapter for Gemheaven... I can just imagine an Antique Roadshow.. Wow!

  2. Good for you. You'll have to show off your hallmark when you get it. Your work is exquisite and definitely belongs in galleries and boutiques. Good luck.

  3. aha! So now I understand hallmarking.

    I'd love to see a pic too.



  4. I will try to get a decent picture once they arrive back :) promise lol!!

    Thanks everyone :}

  5. Fun! I can't wait to see as well. So neat that people will wear your items and actually "know" that they are yours!

  6. I knew hallmarking, but didn't know it's a must in the UK!
    Thanks for sharing, that was interesting.

  7. well done jo, on all your hard work and getting your own hallmark, x

  8. I love the idea of leaving a legacy . . . no doubt you will, my friend!

  9. Gorgeous... and I totally get the idea of a legacy. To leave ones mark on the world, if you like. I was actually thinking about Antiques Roadshow when you explained the Hallmarking. LOL

  10. Thanks for the history lesson, Jo...What a beautiful treasure trove.

  11. Thanks for the history lesson, Jo...what a beautiful treasure trove.


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