September 16, 2010


Catch Me When I Fall
AS Green As Can Be

How Green Can YOu Be

Autumn must be upon us ~ either that or I'm just addicted to my rolling mill ~ I think it may be the later although I have got my Celtic Sheepskin boots on!!



  1. Those are just exquisite! The depth of the green and the contrast with the silver is so beautiful.

    Definitely autumn - it's freezing up here and we're in long sleeves for the first time in months!!

  2. Oooh - these are gorgeous, love those earrings!

    Sheepskin boots are called UG boots - they're awesome arent they!

  3. Ahhh but Caron these aren't UGGS they are Celts ~ I prefer them to UGGS ~ and they are made in Cornwall ;)


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