September 28, 2010

Rings and Things ....

A little bit of a tease I am afraid ~ as these two beauties will be off to be hallmarked before you see them in my studio shop :}

Wild Woman
The flash on this labradorite ring is just simple superb I didn't have to do much to get her to show off promise!

Can you see I am having so much fun with my rolling mill :)  I had a busy weekend which my friend Louise from Made from an Angel said gives you an excited feeling in your tummy when you can't wait to get started on all the ideas popping into your head.  I always feel like my muse is in full throttle and wants to play hard!! She did ~ I can tell you ~ I have some very lovely designs to show off as soon as I can finish them!!



  1. Oooo swooooon, darling. They are both absolutely stunning. And the flash in that lab is just crazy!! Gorgeous!

    Ohh.... you have a rolling mill. I had no idea. *grumble grumble... stalks off to pout*

  2. Jo, your muse has been working hard! Two magnificent rings with fantastic details. You and your muse have outdone yourselves......

  3. Oh my gosh that labradorite ring is GORGEOUS!!

  4. Jo - they are gorgeous! I especially love the Wild Woman ring.

  5. That lab is spectacular!!! What a beauty, and such a well done and textured ring ;o)

  6. omg Jo... that labradorite is absolutely sensational!

  7. Love the tranquil ring! Love how your rolling mill adds a new demension to your pieces. Truly wonderful.

  8. I love your Tranquil ring! Your rolling mill adds a fabulous demension to your pieces. Stunning & goregous!


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