September 22, 2010

Fly Away with me ..

Fly Away With Me

This piece should have been shown earlier but she went away to be HALLMARKED!! One of ten pieces I sent ~ want a little look...

Ok silver needs a polish but my hallmark looks great :) 



  1. Congratulations for your Hallmark Jo! xxx

  2. your hallmark lookd Fab. u. lous. I am soooo jealous. But very pleased for you. May it serve you well......

    Gorgeous piece too.....

  3. Yay you!
    Hallmark looks you have to send your work all the way to Birmingham from Cornwall??

  4. Your hallmark looks fab, Jo!!

  5. I love how the British hallmark the silver. It must be awesomesauce to have a hallmark/makers mark of your own. I dream of 1 one day. :)

  6. Thanks everyone ~ I'm really pleased :)

    Julia ~ I just sent it registered post with extra insurance ~ the Assay office send it back by courier.

  7. In Denmark you have to have your own hallmark stamp which you stamp with yourself. Then the Force institute has random and unannounced visits to take samples in order to make sure that your stamp (you stamp with the validity, for instance 925 along with your personal stamp) is correct.
    Mine is CAS :-)


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